Today we started the day off very early (5:30 am) with search warrants.  You should probably know that warrants are in no way investigations.  When we’re on a warrant, it’s our job to secure the house for the drug enforcement officers so they can search it and do investigations.  The first warrant went pretty quick, only one male inside and a lot of marijuana.  The second warrant was a real SOS call.  Straight out of Springer.  The house was loaded with a wide array of difficult people.  The search first led me to a female (late twenties) sleeping in a bed with her two sons (ages 8 and 9).  Next was another female only 16 years old in bed with a small baby (6-9 months old) and a male (owner of the house).  The male was 36 years old, the husband of the female found in the other bedroom, and the father of the baby.  The sixteen year old girl was his girlfriend living in the same house and sleeping in the bed with him.  It took us awhile but we finally got it all straight.  The only thing we can guess is that the wife didn’t want to lose everything she had by leaving or getting a divorce.  It was creepy nonetheless, and I was glad that the investigation was not my responsibility.

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