I am attending a basic criminal analyst class.  I have no idea what I am doing so I’m glad it is a basic class.  My boss heard about the class and decided to send me to see if the unit should take it.  It’s very interesting, but we are learning to use crime statistics in graphs, matrix, flowcharts, etc.  It’s just like high school math all over again, and just like high school math, it’s all foreign to me.  Somehow we’re supposed to catch the bad guys by making graphs of previous time they’ve been places, and approximating that into future appearances.   Now I am trying to put this all together, but it is not easy.  Luckily there are others who are just as lost as I am.  The worst thing was that the class made me late for a sniper shoot, not that I had all the much time to devote to the shoot.  I still had to go home and do homework (make three graphs).  When does study hall start?

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Not that it's pertinnent, but I just realized you're in Phoenix and that's where my father is from and all his family lives there. I have an uncle that's in the Fire Dept there.

Posted by: RC | Feb 14, 2005 1:00:26 PM

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