Being a female cop in the early years was very difficult. There weren’t many of us and most people thought the only reason females wanted to be a cop was to get a husband. Since I’ve been a cop for a long time now, I find the job a lot more enjoyable in the sense that I no longer worry about what others think. I feel more like a cop at work and more like a woman at home. When I joined the force my husband told me he didn’t mind me being a cop as long as when I came home I was a wife and mother. I’ve tried to do that over the years but it hasn’t’ been easy and I don’t always come home not being a cop. 

At work, “the guys” are the other members of the unit. Since I’ve been on the team so long I feel like one of “the guys.” It’s almost like a brother/sister relationship. I think they see me as one of the guys. Every once in awhile I have to remind them that I’m a girl. 

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