I am attending a basic criminal analyst class.  I have no idea what I am doing so I’m glad it is a basic class.  My boss heard about the class and decided to send me to see if the unit should take it.  It’s very interesting, but we are learning to use crime statistics in graphs, matrix, flowcharts, etc.  It’s just like high school math all over again, and just like high school math, it’s all foreign to me.  Somehow we’re supposed to catch the bad guys by making graphs of previous time they’ve been places, and approximating that into future appearances.   Now I am trying to put this all together, but it is not easy.  Luckily there are others who are just as lost as I am.  The worst thing was that the class made me late for a sniper shoot, not that I had all the much time to devote to the shoot.  I still had to go home and do homework (make three graphs).  When does study hall start?

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Today was the day for the large, multi-agency Weapons of Mass destruction drill.  I went in at 7:00 even though the drill starts at 2:00 pm.  There were a lot of things I needed to set up such as tables, chairs, protective suits.  You know, the usual.  Luckily it didn’t rain.  My job at the exercise was to help facilitate the drill by helping with the actors, answering questions, and making sure all terrorist activities took place on time.  There were a total of about 15 events.  Too many in my opinion, but no one asked me. 

I felt like I ran around all night and never got anything done.  My feet hurt and I was totally exhausted.  My boss felt like throwing up though, so things could have been worse I guess.  I can’t believe we do this every year.  What are we thinking?  I drove home and almost fell asleep walking in the door.   However that sleep would have to wait as my youngest son was waiting for me.  He waited up so he could chat.  I missed his soccer game.  I spent so much time preparing for the drill that I neglected my family.  We talked and I promised to make it to his next game.  I haven’t made it to a game yet this year. 

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