I am hoping to run a marathon.  I usually try not to set too many goals or pressure myself, but this is one goal I have.  I will run a marathon before I am 50.  Don’t ask me why but I am set on doing it.  I figure this year is as good as any since I’ve run two half marathons already.  The guys I run with each morning are not marathon runners.  I meet a group of cops from around the department who are training also.  I’d be lying if I said I was the fastest in the group.  Let’s be honest, I’m the slowest, but I don’t really mind being last because I compete only with myself.  I just go out there and give it my best.  I guess you could say I need to do this for me…finally something for me. 

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The duty of officers is to protect and to serve.  We give everything we have in all situations and weather.  Sometimes I don’t think some people realize that we put ourselves on the line.  I’ve mentioned before that officers have high divorce and suicide rates.  There is a lot of stress and pressure; awful days off and hours.  You need to be at your best and always alert.  The patrol officers have the hardest job; they are on the front line so to speak.  They never know if the car they stop will be their last.  We are not perfect and we make mistakes.  We aren’t all good, but we all aren’t bad either.  But sometimes it’s nice, albeit rare, when you hear someone tell you, “thanks for what you do.”  I get a warm feeling inside. 

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