I constantly battle with my weight.  When I weighed 130 lbs I wished I were 120 lbs again.  When I weighed 140 I wished I were 130 again. And now I am 150 lbs and wish I were anything but 150 lbs.  I don’t think I can or will ever be satisfied with my weight.  I have always wished I were thin but never have been.  The guys at work know this is a weakness of mine and constantly tease me about my weight.  I am like everyone else and I have tried every diet there is.  I love food, and to tell you the truth I really don’t eat right.  My only friend in this battle is running.  I run not only keep up with the physical fitness standards, but also to maintain and keep my sanity with my weight.  If only I could have a chef that cooked healthy meals and a personal trainer.  I’m not really that needy though.  I’d gladly accept a chef that is also a personal trainer.

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