Much to my chagrin I followed my mom to her cousin’s 85th birthday party today.  I was dragging my feet on that one, but I made it there.  Apparently I promised her I’d go about three months ago.  I’m not so into making small talk with people I don’t know and would probably never see again, but my mom seemed happy.  Just as the excitement ensued though, my pager went off and I was called out. My sister thought I planned it. 

The call out was a coyote caper.  We’ve been getting a lot of those lately.  Coyotes are sort of like a mixture between kidnappers and slave traders.  A coyote will bring an illegal across the border and then demand more money before delivering him to his relatives.  Its big business here and it happens quite often.  Unfortunately, the coyotes never called back after the ransom call. We waited over three hours, but it was still better than that party.

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