I decided to become a cop at the age of 10.  My uncle was in the FBI and he was my mentor.  I really don’t want my boys to be cops.  Society is not what it used to be.  There is no value system or respect.  It’s not just society though.  Cops have amongst the highest divorce rate of any profession.  Officers have terrible hours that can make family life difficult.  Sometimes I think my sons know that all to well.  Still, I don’t ever remember wishing I wasn’t a cop.

As a daughter I don’t believe I caused a lot of problems or grief.  I led a pretty boring teenage life, and never got into much trouble.  Now I find myself trying to find enough time to spend with my mother since she's become handicapped.  I struggle balancing work, being a good wife, mother, and daughter.  As a wife, I find myself being more patient and appreciative of my husband.  I don’t take things for granted.  I think now more than ever I am more sensitive to my husband’s needs as well as my children’s.  At the end of the day though I can’t help but think that my mother is still lonely and helpless, and perhaps I could have done more for her. 

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