Today I went to handgun school.  I’ll be there all week.   Its sunny out and I’m getting paid to shoot.  I can’t ask for more than that. I wasn‘t the best shooter but I wasn’t the worst.   

I’ll be away from the guys at the office and in a way its nice but its also strange.  The rest of the unit was going to participate in a training day and boy does it feel odd not going along with them.  I feel like I’m not in touch with what’s going on when I’m away.    

I stopped in the office before class and heard several conversations about hunting season. I hear a lot about hunting this time of year.  In fact most of the conversations revolve around guns, hunting, and fishing.  One of these days I’m going to come into the office with an Avon book and tell them I‘m feeling bloated!  Ok so I probably will never do that but believe me I have thought about it on more than one occasion.

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Being a female cop in the early years was very difficult. There weren’t many of us and most people thought the only reason females wanted to be a cop was to get a husband. Since I’ve been a cop for a long time now, I find the job a lot more enjoyable in the sense that I no longer worry about what others think. I feel more like a cop at work and more like a woman at home. When I joined the force my husband told me he didn’t mind me being a cop as long as when I came home I was a wife and mother. I’ve tried to do that over the years but it hasn’t’ been easy and I don’t always come home not being a cop. 

At work, “the guys” are the other members of the unit. Since I’ve been on the team so long I feel like one of “the guys.” It’s almost like a brother/sister relationship. I think they see me as one of the guys. Every once in awhile I have to remind them that I’m a girl. 

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